MJH 1889 Author Photo 2018.jpg

When I completed my PhD in Sociology at the University of Virginia, I assumed I would find a teaching position at a small college and spend a new career in the company of like-minded scholars and eager students. But life had other plans. A businessman asked me to write a book about his family and the bank he founded. Then the Oklahoma Historical Society asked me to research banking and commercial history in my native state. That led to two books and a great relationship with the University of Oklahoma Press. A bank CEO came looking to hire someone to write a corporate history. A real estate developer needed a historian to research and write signage for a walking trail in downtown Oklahoma City to commemorate the Land Run of 1889.

Doors continue to open, and every time I walk through, I find myself on the threshold of an adventure. So I found my community of like-minded scholars and eager students not on a campus somewhere, but in the people who hire me to explore their histories, the real-life characters who populate my books, and of course, my readers. And I get to scratch my teaching itch when business organizations, community groups, historical societies, and book clubs invite me to talk to them.

I feel fortunate to get to do this for a living. Thanks for looking in on my adventures. More are coming.

- Michael